Dean / Section
Major works

Dean Office

    Directing DGA affairs.

Construction & Maintenance

  1. Construction and maintenance of campus buildings.

  2. Document preparation and supervision of contracting construction projects.

  3. Contracting, supervision and management of new and supplementary constructions.

  4. Contracting, supervision and management of repairing construction.

  5. Water, electricity, and air conditioning maintenance.

General Affairs Section

  1. Purchase.

  2. Campus environmental cleanness.

  3. Loans of conference rooms and lecture halls.

  4. Campus security and safety.

  5. Management of security guards, technicians and manual workers.

Properties Management Section

  1. Management of properties and goods.

  2. Planning of teaching and administrative areas.

  3. Loans of housing affairs.

  4. Loans of classrooms, spaces and goods.

  5. Registration of buildings, audit of real estate taxes, and fire insurance.

Clerical Section

  1. Receiving and delivery of documents.

  2. Management of mails and stamps.

  3. File management (sorting, filing and shelving of official documents).

  4. Audit of official documents.

  5. Management of file rooms.

Cashiering Section

  1. Cashiering management.

  2. Salary management.

  3. Withholding and declaration of income tax returns.

  4. Management of negotiable securities, storage goods, charge and payment affairs, and accounts.

  5. Account checking, production of daily and monthly reports, interpretation of balance sheets of bank deposits.