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About Us

Green Sustainable Environment  
Smart Friendly campus

In 2004, NUK was the first university in Taiwan to sign the "Talloires Declaration" to build a "green sustainable environment, smart and friendly campus" on the 83.5 hectare of land. The General Affairs Division is to carry out the mission.
This Division is divided into 6 sections, namely  Facilities & Campus Maintenance  Section, General Service  Section, Property Management  Section, Cashier’s Section, Documentation  Section, and Campus Enviorment Safety and Health Center, which provide various logistical tasks for teaching, research, and learning. Its business includes from environmental cleaning and protection, campus planing and security, package receipt and delivery, soliciting manufacturers to set up business, building construction and maintenance, equipment procurement, dormitory management, and the receipt and payment of university expenses. It creates and provide a friendly atmosphere for  approximately 6,000 students, hundreds of faculty and staff who work, teach, research, study and live in NUK, as well as for  people and manufacturers who come and go  every day.
With the aims of the NUK medium and long-term development plans, the workload of the Division has increased rapidly . Although circumstances are changing, e.g.  limited funding and downsizing of manpower, the Division strives to maintain  the original goal of green and sustainable campus. In addition to actively striving for funds from outside the university, it adds the assistance of intelligent technology to control management costs.

Achievements in recent years
1. Building green buildings that breathe and generate electricity
(1) Green buildings on campus
Since 2010, whenever the Division plans to build buildings worth in excess of NT$50 million, it has adopted the national sustainable development standards in design and obtained the "Green Building Mark" certification in completion. Currently three buildings have obtained this certification, and the Multifunctional Student Activity Center to be completed at the end of 2021 is also working towards the standards of smart green buildings.
(2) Solar power generation
In order to make full use of the abundant solar energy in the southern Taiwan, NUK signed contracts with manufacturers in 2017 and 2021 respectively to install solar photovoltaic power generation equipment on the roofs of 10 buildings, and a part of profits generated by electricity sales has been returned to NUK for the University Affairs Fund. At the same time, it is also generating electricity from solar energy for the campus, applying green energy certificates for sale to the enterprises in need, and fully promoting clean energy.

2. Building a smart life network system
(1) Smart power management system
In order to effectively manage electricity consumption, saving and payment in the student dormitories, as well as to encourage students to save energy and be responsible global citizens, from September 2019, based on installing smart meters, NUK started communication meter reading and real-time information. The system combines reporting, quality monitoring, remote firmware update, multiple payment and payment systems, and has greatly reduced the costs of manual meter reading, power-saving management, manual payment and labor waste, while it has gradually transformed student dormitories and university into smart architecture. 
(2) Smart garbage collection management system
In order to clean up the smelly dirty dark corners of waste area in the student dormitory, to enhance recycling and environmental protection, and to reduce the amount of waste , NUK established a new smart recycling management system and stations in the student dormitory in 2019. These recycling stations, using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, establish an intelligent input guidance mechanism and level sensor, digitally record the recycling process. It applies statistical results to analyze user habits, thereby improving garbage removal and recycling.
(3) Diversifying Electronic payment system
In order to provide a convenient payment channel for faculty, staff, and students and people outside the university, NUK installed the intelligent connections of various university system data. The establishment of an electronic multi-payment system was completed in October 2019. All individuals can use this system to choose the most convenient method of payment, which greatly enhances the quality of service and administrative efficiency.

3. Building an all-round campus safety protection network
In view of rising concern of campus safety, NUK has adopted preventive measures for improvements, aided by current technology, including strengthening the safety infrastructure in dangerous areas, setting up a multi-scenario audio-visual SOS safety support system, promoting the 110 video reporting app, integrating the school and community resources, and forming a safety net inside and outside the university to protect everyone. 

Future directions
NUK will continue to uphold the ideas of green, sustainability, wisdom, friendliness and ecology, simplify administrative procedures, effectively use funds, and provide better space and environment for all.


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