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Dean's Office of General Affairs 886-7-5919223 ; 886-7-5919080  shtung@nuk.edu.tw

Dean of General Affairs
Shih-Heng Tung, Ph.D.

Director, Campus Environmental Safety and Health Center
Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Undertaking Business:
Management of general affairs

  886-7-5919090 general@nuk.edu.tw

Pei-Chin Lee, Secretary

General Affairs Section 886-7-5919088 a1498@nuk.edu.tw
1.Campus safety, building sanitation, space facilitation
2.Maintenance and repair of equipment in classrooms, conference rooms and auditoriums
Cashier's  Section  886-7-5919095 amanda@nuk.edu.tw
Payment, refund, and salary
Documentation  Section 886-7-5919099 mei0720@nuk.edu.tw
1. Post Office
2. Receiving and delivering official documents. 
Facilities & Campus Maintenance  Section 886-7-5919118 htlee@nuk.edu.tw
1. Construction and maintenance of buildings and piping and electrical systems
2. Maintenance and repairs of dormitory and campus facilities.
Property Management  Section 886-7-5919070 peichi@nuk.edu.tw
1.Recruit  and supervisecafeteria and shop setup on campus.
2.Equipment loans
3.Application and management of Faculty & Staff Housing
Campus Enviorment Safety and Health Section 886-7-5919572 cancri1823@nuk.edu.tw
Safety and health, environment protection and campus planning.

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