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In 2004, NUK was the first university in Taiwan to sign the "Talloires Declaration" to build a "green sustainable environment, smart and friendly campus" on the 83.5 hectare of land. The General Affairs Division is to carry out the mission.
This Division is divided into 6 sections, namely Facilities & Campus Maintenance Section, General Service Section, Property Management Section, Cashier’s Section, Documentation Section, and Campus Enviorment Safety and Health Center, which provide various logistical tasks for teaching, research, and learning. Its business includes from environmental cleaning and protection, campus planing and security, package receipt and delivery, soliciting manufacturers to set up business, building construction and maintenance, equipment procurement, dormitory management, and the receipt and payment of university expenses. It creates and provide a friendly atmosphere for approximately 6,000 students, hundreds of faculty and staff who work, teach, research, study and live in NUK, as well as for people and manufacturers who come and go every day.
With the aims of the NUK medium and long-term development plans, the workload of the Division has increased rapidly . Although circumstances are changing, e.g. limited funding and downsizing of manpower, the Division strives to maintain  the original goal of green and sustainable campus. In addition to actively striving for funds from outside the university, it adds the assistance of intelligent technology to control management costs.